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Pest Control In Melbourne

Termite Control, Treatment and Prevention

Regular inspections are critical to prevent infestations before they cause any damage. Effective termite treatment & prevention begins with taking the right steps towards deterring these pests from making a home out of your own. we recommend you arrange regular, professional inspections at least once a year and check your home for infestations during high periods of termite activity ( spring and summer). 

During an inspection will use the latest technology and tools. Melbourne Pest Control will check your walls , skirting boards , architraves , window frames, sub-floor, roof cavity, landscaped timbers , fence line and any suspicious trees.

Upon completion you will receive a detailed written report.

Ant Control

Ants can be a pest In and around the home. If they get into your home you will usually find them in the kitchen going for sweet things like honey , Jams and even areas of moisture.

As ants are tracking along the yard they can come in contact with dog excrement and garbage bins are all possible sources of disease organisms . So transmitting diseases to humans should not be overlooked . In addition to the posed health threat and nuisance aspect , some ants may bite or sting.

Pest Control In Melbourne
Pest Control In Melbourne

Bed Bugs Removal and Control

Bed bugs are reddish-brown, flat, oval insects and are 4-5 mm long. They feed only on blood and become swollen & reddish after their meal. They can however survive up to a year without any meal and prefer to be more active at night when host is asleep.

These creatures are typically found in hotels where they often travel from one room to another and in visitor’s luggage or their personal belongings like briefcases and purses. They are also found in cracks and crevices, including sheets, furniture, mattress seams, electrical outlet plates, behind baseboards and picture frames. Their sight is common in gyms, stores and offices as well. Well established infestations have usually been associated with poor housekeeping and low standard of hygiene, but when introduced into a very clean premises bedbugs can disperse and find harbouraging and hosts to commence an infestation.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches eat virtually anything ; human or animal food, sweet beverages , dead animals or vegetable materials. This may include leather , cardboard, glue and starchy binding in books. They are very effective scavengers . In buildings beer stains in carpets, grease droplets and tiny crumbs call all provide enough food for a cockroach. Thats why is important to keep up a clean level of housekeeping.

Cockroaches are mostly nocturnal creatures that hide during the day and become active in the night  to seek food. If you see cockroaches during daylight hours this could indicate overpopulation.

Pest Control In Melbourne
Pest Control In Melbourne

Wasp Control and Removal

European wasps are very common in Melbourne and are usually noticed in the warmer months from January to March. They have a yellow band with a black body and are usually between 12-15mm in length. They are fast flyers with clear wings and their nest can contain up to 1000’s of workers. They can sting several times when disturbed or agitated, and the sting is very painful and can even cause allergic reaction. However, only female wasps sting and may do so repeatedly.

If you’re experiencing infestation of wasps in your Melbourne home or garden, a nest is probably nearby, either in your garden, on your property or very near by. It’s essential to treat the nest early for reducing the threat of a wasp sting.

Commercial Bird Control

Some species of birds are a real menace for your business. They cause a lot of health hazards, noise and structural damages to a property. Taking bird control actions sooner than later is going to ensure your business is protected against threats related with pest birds.

At Melbourne Pest Control we offer effective bird control services. We have a host of cost-effective devices and techniques, which we can use to help keep pest birds from creating a issue around your commercial building or disrupting your business.

Pest Control In Melbourne
Pest Control In Melbourne

Flea Control

Fleas are small very specialized parasitic insects. Adults fleas are small 1.5mm- 4.0mm long and usually brownish, strongly sclerotised laterally compressed and equipped with piercing mouthparts. They have well developed hindlegs so they can jump and claw onto a  host animal.

The adult female will lay 4- 8 eggs after each blood meal. In her lifetime, she may lay about 300 eggs. Most eggs fall off the host and be distributed by the host animal. High concentration of flea eggs are often associated with animal sleeping quaterers. Eggs usually hatch in 2- 14 days  and Larvae feed on available organic material, in the form of crumbs, human skin scales and other debris found in carpets, furniture, pets, bedding, cracks between floorboards, lawns, gardens and subfloors soil.  Adult  fleas often excrete dark granules and often left behind for larvae to feed on. The feeding period for flea larvae is usually 15 days.

Spider Control

Spiders are predators that eat various other arthropods usually smaller than themselves. Common prey includes crickets , flies , bees grasshoppers , moths and butterflies.

Some Spiders are able to survive months without food, particularly during the colder months when food is minimal and their own metabolic rate has slowed.

During the day they are seldom seen, unless they are disturbed in their natural environment. When daylight fades, spiders become active. They leave the protection of their nests or shelters and go out in search of food.

Pest Control In Melbourne